Bridget’s top five

When we are in the car, we more often than not will put on the iPod in lieu of the radio. There are certain songs of course that Bridget adores and will either request by name (her own name for the song if she has one) or emphatically tell us that we need to listen to if it. So here are Bridget’s top five songs:

  • Gasoline Serpent by Devotchka. Aka "The Whistling Song" By far this is her favorite song.
  • A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. Aka "The Hey Hey Song" A top contender. She also likes M79.
  • Intervention by Arcade Fire. This one doesn’t have a nickname, but I think that’s just because she isn’t really sure of the lyrics.
  • Sloop John B by The Beach Boys. This one also doesn’t have it’s own name, but she can recognize it in less than one note. Seriously, if Name that Tune makes a come back, I might just sign her up!
  • St. Louise is Listening by Soul Coughing and also the solo Mike Doughty version. Aka "Get Up on It." Again, recognition here is pretty amazing. She can pick out Doughty’s voice on most any of his tracks.

She also has a fondness for the Pogues, but we’ve decided that it’s best if she isn’t walking around singing about drinking just yet.

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