I know that I’m driving Brendan insane with all my baby talk.

I’ve been feeling like we need to get Bridget’s new room ready NOW so that we can then get the nursery re-painted. I know that — at first at least — Bren wasn’t convinced that it has to be done right this second. Once I explained all the things we have going on in May and that we need to have it well done before Bridget’s birthday at the end of May he started to understand. That doesn’t mean that either of us is particularly enthusiastic about doing the work ourselves. I’ll do it, but it requires priming, ceiling paint and trim and door painting. It’s going to be a few days of solid work. The nursery is much easier, three walls of paint and a change out of closet knobs. It might even only take one coat. We’ve got a guy coming out (who we’ve used for some work before) to give us an estimate tonight. I’m crossing my fingers. 

And then there’s the whole naming conversation.  I know that I was pushing pretty hard a little too early for my husband to be ready to discuss things. Plus, he’s right, we did have a boy’s name all picked out last time and "what’s wrong with that one?" The thing is, I’m not sure that I’m 100% confident it’s the one I want to go with this time. Boy’s names are hard. I checked out the 2004 version of Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now because the books with just lists of names are a little bit too hard to go through over and over. There’s a chapter on popularity and the lede is this:

Prospective parents are increasingly concerned — you might even say obsessed — with issues of popularity. Some, particularly those with names like Jennifer and Jessica, who suffered the fate of sharing their name with four others in their class when they were growing up, will go to any lengths to avoid similarly common names for their kids.

That is definitely the case with this Jessica. It was easy to accomplish with a girl. There are plenty of normal sounding, normally spelled names to pick from for girls that aren’t in the top 20. Boys, not so much. At least apparently, nothing that my husband particularly likes. I’m beginning to come around on the one that we had decided on the last time, but I’m still not 100% and Brendan at least is humoring me and considered thinking about some other choices for a little while yesterday. But both of us can only look at the list and think about names for so long. So we’re still undecided. But making progress.



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  • I don’t know Jess. Muskoxen Kelly has a nice ring to it 😉

    The other thing you could do is wait until the baby comes and see what he looks like. I bet a name would come to you then. We already know he’ll be cooler than Brendan ever could be.

  • Muskoxen will be the middle name.

    And I don’t think Brendan will go for the wait until the baby is born thing again. With Bridget, we had it down to two, my favorite and his. And I said I gave birth to her

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