so today…

I’ve had "city" experiences before.

There was the time I was on the bus in Baltimore and we hit a kid who ran a stop sign on a dirt bike. He was fine. At least fine enough to flee. I’ve been chatted up by the random guy who worked at 7-11 and just happened to leave work at the exact time I was walking by. Ugh. I’ve been to slightly shady bars.

It’s been a while though since anything out of the ordinary has happened to me near work. We were leaving Cosi, my co-worker leaned over to pick up what he thought was a pen. (He has an eye for finding pretty nice pens.) But it wasn’t a pen. Once he realized it, he dropped it on the banquette and we left.

It was pretty clear to me that he didn’t know exactly what it was. So I said, "That was some piece of drug paraphenalia you picked up there."

"What was it? Was it for smoking?"


Realizing that it wasn’t for weed, "Crack?"


It threw me a little because you don’t expect to just sit down next to a crack pipe on your lunch break. At least I don’t.

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