I’ve sort of mentioned the guy who lives down the street before. He and his buddies tend to test out their cars by running them down to the stop sign and around the park. It’s terribly annoying. And now that it’s spring, it’s become more prevalent. Granted, I’ve never been down there to tell the guy how much I hate it, but it just seems like common sense.

I’ve got nothing against a guy working on his car at his house and testing it out on the road. In fact, the guy across the street from Mr. Monte Carlo works on his bike from time to time, but it’s not every single day. I feel like it’s just gone a little bit too far at this point. To me, it seems like he’s running a business out of his home, fixing up cars/ATVs/motorcycles… So it’s not just him, but a bunch of people. This morning when I heard him run his car up and down the road, I just went ahead and called the police complaint line. We live on a street that has extra fines — because it is a cut through and has playgrounds. Hopefully a police presence will take care of the issue. 


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