ah responsibility

In the past few weeks we have:

  • had the truck inspected (it failed)
    • took it to mechanic, he "fixed" what turned out to be a non-problem with some extra grease and had the truck re-inspected (it passed)
  • had extra maintenance done on the truck
  • got a new roof on the house
  • had the house thoroughly power washed

The new roof was originally supposed to go up on Tuesday, but the foreman called and said he was sick, so they’d put it off until Wednesday. So Brendan and I changed our regular schedules around (we normally work from home on Wednesdays) and got childcare squared away. Then, we came home to roofers working on the house Tuesday evening. Not a bad thing, just unexpected. So it was out to dinner and to Target and hoped they’d be done banging for the day before Bridget had to go to bed. They were more or less. They still had to come out on Wednesday to finish up, so all our schedule shuffling was not for nothing.

Then today the power washers arrived. They have been here for approximately 2 and a half hours. I had no idea it would take this long and be as loud as it is. Thankfully, Bridget (who is getting a cold) is napping through it. The compressor is giving me a slight headache, however. Seriously, who would have thought it’d take probably 4 hours at the rate they are going to rinse of the house. It must be pretty freaking dirty. Maybe we don’t have beige siding after all! 

In short, we are not moving any time soon. Our assessment came and let’s just say that although the property tax rate has gone up a good bit in the last year, we’ll end up paying less this year than we have in previous years. SIGH. I suppose I should be thankful we can make our payments. 

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