this time around

We found out on Friday that we are having a boy this time around.  I had been having dreams that it was going to go that way. Bridget had only wanted to talk about having a sister and was very insistent that it was going to be a girl baby. She was with us at the ultrasound and was interested for a while, but it went on for what seemed like forever and she just got bored (so did I a little). She sort of didn’t believe it when we told her she was going to have a brother, but I think she’s starting to get excited. She has lots of friends and cousins who are boys and she certainly likes playing with them.

We picked out some new paint colors for the nursery (Celery Sprig — green) and Bridget’s new room (Pooh’s Favorite Things — a blue) . It unexpectedly made me a little bit sad to paint the green over the lavender in Bridget’s current room. I’ll miss having a purple room (perhaps I’ll have to paint the office purple). 

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