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Ben Roethlisberger with Vince Lombardi trophy

I eventually did get out of bed at about 8:30 and tried going back to sleep, but found it difficult, so I came downstairs and re-watched the game. This was necessary due to my condition yesterday. I wanted to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. I also realized that the DVR had been recording from 6:00 last night, so I now have 15 hours of NBC 4 recorded.

So here are my thoughts on the game.

First half:

The Steelers were dominant. They did exactly what they should. Controlled the clock, kept the Arizona offense off the field, and kept Fitzgerald to only one catch. Our defense was awesome, and the Harrison interception runback was incredible.

I didn’t see any egregious errors by the officials (although there could have been a hold called on Townsend on the runback).

The touchdown that was reversed, I felt was too close to call, so I’m not too disappointed that it wasn’t allowed.

Second half:

I guess that could have been an incomplete pass by Warner instead of a fumble. I wasn’t pleased with the call, but what are you going to do? 

The roughing the passer penalty against Arizona was suspect. They could have let it go. The hit was a hell of a lot closer than the spear Ben took in the back against the Ravens two weeks ago, and they didn’t call that.

There will probably be a lot of whining about the personal foul for running over the holder. It was a legit call, though. You just can’t do that. The outcome remained the same, though, with only a field goal, so I don’t want to hear it.

Ike Taylor probably did deserve that personal foul, but Boldin was definitely not innocent.

I’m a huge fan of James Harrison’s, and I love his intensity, but he probably could have been thrown out of the game for that. 

Parker got out of the end zone, no doubt in my mind.

I can now see how a hold could be called on the safety, but that’s the type of hold that could be called on any play during the game.  I think the difference was that they fell down.

The defense laid back in the 4th quarter. They were way too deep and allowed plays to develop over the middle. That’s how the Cardinals got everything in the 4th. The prevent defense prevents you from winning.

Holmes definitely had a touchdown. There really is no question about it. Take a good look at any replay and  you can see it. Even if it wasn’t called on the field, it would have been a touchdown on review.

Kurt Warner 100% fumbled on the one at the end of the game. If the replay official didn’t even call for a replay, then it’s pretty clear. His arm was not going forward when the ball was hit.


The run game kept the Cardinals honest, but still couldn’t get going very well. It’s something they’ll need to work on next year. It just wasn’t where it should have been all year.

Ward did very well coming off an MCL sprain two weeks ago. He came up big when needed, as he always does.

Santonio Holmes made a name for himself last night. He came up huge in every situation. He only had one mistake, and that was the miss the play before he made his TD catch. As for the MVP, I don’t know, but the way he came up big in that last drive certainly makes the case for it.

Ben simply made plays all game long. He extended plays with his legs and didn’t make dumb decisions. The good Ben showed up, and it made all the difference.

I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t score a touchdown on 1st and goal twice during the game.

Ike Taylor did a great job on Fitzgerald. A couple of big plays, and all his work went down the drain.

There was seriously no doubt in my mind that Ben would win this game for us. I told everyone in the room that I was confident Ben could take them down the field and score. He’s done it his entire career, and did it again in the Super Bowl.

I’m also wondering if Brenda Warner is a pirate. Maybe there were some left0ver puffy shirts from that episode of Seinfeld.

What was up with the Seahawks colors on all of the Super Bowl clothing?

In summary, I’m extremely happy with this win. I’m sure some people are going to try to make it like the Steelers had help from the officials and that we should have won, but that’s garbage. The Steelers deserved to win, they dominated the entire game, and they came out with their 6th trophy. They navigated through the toughest schedule the NFL had seen in decades and came out on top. I couldn’t be more proud of my boys. 

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