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I am almost officially a good luck charm at Heinz field. I’m two for two. It was awesome. I could have done without some of the people around us in the crowd at times. Extra-drunk 40-something women with cow bells are not a good combination. The loudest and most annoying disappeared for a while and came back much mellower. The best moment was clearly Troy’s interception and run back. The whole stadium just went totally insane. Hugs all around. The snow just made it all very festive — like confetti. 

And I was extra-careful not to dislocate my shoulder this time. No picking up anything from under my seat, and my towel was frequently in my left hand. It was hard to swing anyway because of my arm warmer/hand warmer/thick glove combo.  Last time I learned that pregnancy will make my loose joints even looser. Yes, that’s right dear internet:  I’m pregnant. My magic uterus in Pittsburgh = Steelers victory. 

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