Ravens Fans Now Cardinals Fans

Long lost brothers?

So, we went to witness the Steelers take care of business against the Ravens in-person yesterday (pictures and video coming soon can be found in the gallery and on the YouTube page). In a word: Fantastic! We froze our butts off, but it was totally worth it. I debated going to last week’s game, but decided to take a chance and sold my tickets just in case the AFC Championship game would be played in Pittsburgh. I have no voice right now.

 It was a great game for us. The offense did its job, and there should be no debate about who has the best defense in the NFL. 

Jess put it best: The Ravens offense was wearing black and white.

And that really does describe it. Aside from a long punt return, then a b.s. pass interference call, and a shanked punt, then another b.s. pass interference call, the game wasn’t nearly as close as the score made it out to be. I’m sure I’ll have more comments after watching again on the DVR, but the key things I remember thinking was that we held on to the ball (except for the one fumble, but that didn’t amount to anything for the Ravens, as they turned it over on downs), got in Flacco’s face and forced mistakes, and didn’t allow any big plays. I was, however, horribly disappointed in the final drive of the first half. Terrible clock management, and terrible hands by Limas Sweed. He sort of made up for it with the block on Corey Ivy, though (maybe there will be a "bounty" on his head next year, ooooooh scaaaaary).

I will say that I hope McGahee makes a full recovery. From what I hear, he’s going to be fine. It did kind of put a downer on the end of the game, though. I hope Clark doesn’t get a "bounty," either.

So go ahead, jump on the Cardinals bandwagon, haters. You’ll have all year to be bitter about your third loss in a row to a superior team.

I won’t even talk about how dumb the Ravens name is, but I will link to this article.

I think Jess will post later about the trip itself, but I wanted to get some initial thoughts in. Bill, feel free to leave the obligatory comment about the refs or whatever other excuse you can think of to try to use.

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