ho ho ho!


We had a pretty Merry Christmas around these parts. Brendan and I are both a little bit sick, so we didn’t do the full Irish breakfast as we have done the past two years. We meant to this morning, but still haven’t done it. The bacon will have to be cooked soon. Perhaps tomorrow.


We spent Christmas Eve with my family and just hung out here yesterday (we’re still hanging out here today and for the forseeable future). It’s been pretty relaxing. 

All the photos are in the gallery, and Brendan even posted 10 minutes of Bridget opening presents on you tube. (It’s really not that exciting.)

We’re gearing up to do some household re-arranging (which I love) over the next few days, and 2/3 of the other Muskoxen are coming to visit for New Years. Excitement abounds! That’s just how we roll.

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