The bachelor/bachelorette party went pretty well for all persons involved. We had Japanese at a cute little place in the city (emphasis on the little), Zento. Everything was presented beautifully. And it was good, too! Then salsa lessons at a place just down the block. Shockingly, out of 11 of us who went dancing, I was one of the three who finished the lesson. I was not as bad at it as I thought I was going to be.

Plus, I talked to people. And it seemed unforced. So thank god for that.

There are a few photos, but I doubt that most will see the light of day. Nothing bad, just a little off-kilter. 

Sunday was a little rough around the edges for everyone, and it took some time Monday to get back in the swing but it wasn’t so bad,  and it was totally worth it. 


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