really necessary?

The other day we got our converter boxes for the digital switch in February. You know, in case we at some point choose to live without cable (or satellite). And Brendan has been completely obsessed with getting it to work upstairs in our bedroom. I must first say that I’m pretty against having a television in the bedroom in the first place. But some people just need it — and Brendan is one of those people.

Last night he just plugged the box into the TV to see if we could get anything. Right, as if we just see if something just works around here. No way. I went to dry my hair and when I came back he was not in the room. He was down in the storage area in the basement looking for a damn antenna. Which did not work. Today he decided to get a new “fancy” digital antenna on his lunch break at work (for those of you paying close attention to the minutia of our lives, this is partially why he was forced to eat McDonalds for lunch). Guess what, that didn’t work either. After dinner, it was off to Best Buy with Bridget to get yet another antenna. I guess that didn’t work too well on it’s own either, because now there are wires askew all over our room. I had to duck under one to get in. It seems that he’s placed an anntena out in the crawl space above the roof on the short-side of the house, and maybe has another one going pointing in another direction towards the back window. I don’t think that’s working either. I just looked at him and said, “Seriously?” and left.

As long as it’s cleaned up before bed. I’m not trying to choke myself if I have to pee in the middle of the night.

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