The babysitter worked out wonderfully. We had a great time at the match. Six U.S. goals. A patriotic display. Brendan was even on TV! He’s got video extracted from it, I’m sure he’ll post it at some point. Bridget thinks it’s hilarious that her dad was on TV (because we’re dorks and DVR-ed the game even though we were there).


Then, today we decided it was too nice to stay inside, so we went to a park down the road a bit. On the way home, Brendan noticed a boy walking down a pretty busy road alone, and so, we decided to stop, turn around and see what the deal was. He was pretty scared and just wanted his mom, and was about 3. Oh, and he crossed the street on his own, too (it’s a four lane road). So I tried to converse with him in Spanish, and Brendan called the police. Four cops later, we had finally understood what his name was, they took his photo with a digital camera and went down the road to where we first noticed him and came back with some of his family. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t want to talk to the police but thankfully everything seemed to work out. He was with his grandfather, uncle and brother and lived all the way in Stafford. No wonder he was so confused and scared. Bridget totally understood that the little boy was lost and we helped him find his family. It all ended well.


And then, just now, three police cars rolled up to the house next door. There have been people over there working lately — mowing the grass, painting, running power tools out back. As far as I’m concerned, as long as someone is actively caring for the property, it’s a good thing. Brendan said that he heard some beeping while he was out grilling, so it’s probably just an alarm going off. Again, it’s all a good thing. There just hasn’t really been too many quiet moment here at home today.

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