busy summer

We had a pretty busy summer. Not only did we go to C’ville, but we also went on our trip to the Poconos, Ocean City and the Cottage. Each trip was not long enough, but fun.

  • The Poconos trip was originally supposed to include all the Muskoxen, but it ended up just being us and Keith and Shade’ with a few days with Kate and Vince, too. The photo above was from my favorite part, the Boulder Field at Hickory Run State Park. It was quite literally one of the most striking things I have ever seen. Mostly, we just chilled.
  • The trip to OC was more spur of the moment. We ended up staying not too far away from where I always stayed as a kid. Not a whole lot has changed, so we hit a few spots: Trimpers, Marty’s Playland, Assateauge and of course, the beach. Not too many photos because I mostly just wanted to enjoy the moment and I just didn’t feel like it!
  • Our annual trip to the Cottage was later than usual this year, but we got to visit with Brendan’s brother and his family who were up from Texas. The kids had a ball. In addition to all our regular activities, we went on a Safari and to Nelson’s Ledges (shown above).
  • All in all, it’s been a good few months.

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