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Brendan is on this mission to find an old laptop bag so we have something to take the Wii in when we go to Texas at the end of the week. It might be tucked away in a closet in the office, there are boxes in there from when we moved. Sort of random crap that didn’t really have a place, or we never quite needed so it didn’t get unpacked.

One of those random things was a box of letters that I’ve saved. At some point after we got married — or were close to getting married — I threw away all the letters that I’d saved from high school boyfriends, but I did not throw away the two that Brendan sent me. I just finished the first one. He’d probably like me to throw it away. It’s seven pages long. Mostly about how he misses me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Awwww. The second actually has an exclamation point in it! I don’t think that my letters to him got saved, though there probably are emails and IM conversations somewhere. He’s more of a pack rat about those things than I am.

We really were just two crazy kids in love. It’s almost strange and hard to recall. Some things have changed, and some haven’t.

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