a few things

  • My book club meets the second Monday of every month. When did I show up? The second Tuesday. The poor host’s husband answered the door and was all confused. I just thought I was the first one there. She was very sweet — and I wasn’t too terribly embarrassed.
  • Christmas is so much more fun now that there’s Bridget. She loved picking out a tree (she tried to hug all the little trees). She’s entranced by the Christmas lights. I could tell that she was a little confused when we brought the tree inside and started putting the lights on it, but once we plugged them in she said, "Oooooh!" It was perfect.
  • At the grocery store some time this week, I almost broke down crying: they were playing The Marvelous Toy over the sound system. I am such a sap. My brother and I used to make Dad play us that song when we were little.

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