so ready

It’s almost vacation time. We try and make it up to the cottage every year around the 4th of July. Last year was pretty much the only exception to that rule. I’m pretty excited about watching Bridget experience it all this year. Last August, she didn’t really know what was going on. This year should be good. If the sand in her hair yesterday when we picked her up from daycare is any indication, the sand on the beach should give her no problem. I hope she likes smooth rocks just as much. A lot of things have changed at nearby Geneva-on-the-Lake but a lot of the important things (Eddie’s) are the same.

I’m just ready for a vacation. Life hasn’t been particularly hard or anything as of late; I’m just itching to get away. It’s that time of year. For my entire life vacation has always been around this time. We’d get out of school and very soon after (two weeks later at the longest) we’d go to Ocean City. My parents’ and brothers at home still go around this time. (Probably always will!) I know Dad is counting down the days.

Here’s hoping that our 8 hour car ride goes well. There’s no indication that it won’t, but you never know…

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