to hell

What a beautiful meadow. Oh, wait. That’s actually the front lawn next door. As I mentioned in March, the neighbors on the other side of us (aka not the hillbillies), up and left one day. The house is just totally empty. The yard is ridiculous.

This is a picture of our relatively freshly mowed lawn compared to theirs. Normally, you’d be able to see just about all of the green electrical box that’s sticking up near the sidewalk. Now, I know I tend to exaggerate just a little (sometimes) but honestly, the grass is above knee height.

I called the county Neighborhood Services and filed a complaint. They sent me a letter saying they were looking into it, and they did send out a truck on Sunday. Still, I’m not sure what they can do. No one is living there. I suppose they could cut it and issue a fine. Don’t know if they’ll get paid. How crazy would it be to have a lien on your house because you didn’t cut your grass?

I thought maybe they were in foreclosure or something, but it’s next to impossible to look that stuff up and not pay for the information. It does, however, look like the hillbillies’ house is in foreclosure. From what I could tell anyway. That can’t be good for our property values.

At this point, I’d just like to have people living in both houses. I’d even take little Bobby over no one.

And last night there was an insane screaming match going on at one of the houses behind us. Doors slamming, yelling about keys, all kinds of craziness. What kind of neighborhood is this turning into? Seriously.

Oh, and there’s also someone around here who likes to ride his ATV around on the streets. Nice. Called the police on that guy, too. Not that they’ll do anything but it made me feel better. I’m seriously turning into that neighbor. Good times.

Maybe we shouldn’t have moved. Although, it’s a little late to be thinking things like that now!

In other news, Bridget will be 1 next Monday! Yikes.

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