The hillbillies’ house is back on the market. We had thought that maybe they had actually sold it. The other day I noticed a car and a couple of very normal people poking around. Alas, they were Realtors and put the for sale sign back up. What’s ever more discouraging is the price that they are now asking. It’s so insanely low. I think they are just trying to unload it and so are coming in under every other house that’s for sale in the neighborhood.

I’m worried for two reasons:

  1. Obviously it effects us. If we ever wanted to sell in the near future (not that we plan to), then the price that they sell for has a direct bearing on what we can ask and
  2. I don’t know if it will work. The price is so low that people might think that there’s something wrong with the place. I care about the house selling because it’s not good to have so many totally empty houses around us.

Nothing in our immediate neighborhood has really been moving at all. Saw a few people riding around looking this weekend while we were out doing yard work, but it’s not looking too good. Our assessment went down this year. Ugh. I don’t feel like we overspent per se, it’s just not a good trend.

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