is this thing on?

I’ve been terrible at posting lately, I know. Things have been a little bit crazy around here at the Kelly household.

As you can see, Bridget is getting perilously close to walking. Not only is she pushing around her walker, but lately she’s taken to forgetting that she’s holding onto something and just standing there on her own, until of course she realizes that she’s not holding onto anything and she promptly plops down on the floor. She had a pretty nasty cold this week that has almost finished running its course. I can’t complain, really. It wasn’t too bad, and it’s only the second time that she’s been sick. You could probably even call it the first time because the other was more likely a reaction to booster shots. Breast feeding really must be doing its magic.

Bettis is currently recovering from surgery on both his hip and his knee (on the same leg). He’s doing OK. Right now he’s pretty well sedated on pain medication and sleeping in a Pamper’s box. Of course that means that he’s not really making it to the special litter box we have set up for him. Something tells me we’re in for a long week. I’m not really sure how things are going to go with me working since his recovery suite is in the office. It’ll all work out, I’m sure.

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