So the Hillbillies have had their house on the market for a while now — maybe 6 months — things have really slowed down here. At any rate they’ve pretty much moved out. Before Christmas, they were away and parked one of their cars across the street, not quite in front of the house across the street from them, but sort of. The lady across the street — I’ll call her Sweater Vest (because I’m not judgmental at all apparently) hates the fact that the Hillbillies have like 5 cars even though it doesn’t affect where she parks. So what does SV do? She calls in their vehicle as abandoned. Nice, right? Eventually, some time after Christmas the Hillbillies come back and move their car. Well today it seems they’ve parked their truck right smack in front of SV’s house. Ah, the drama. I almost wish we were friends with one of them so we could talk smack. Almost.

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