Electronics Blowout! Everything Must Go!

I’ve had my eye on a new scanner for quite some time now, but the finance committee (Jess) has had enough of my buying electronic/computer equipment.

So I’ve decided to sell some of my extra crap that’s just lying around collecting dust. We have:

1 computer – Dell Dimension 4300 with no hard drive. Other than the hard drive, it’s pretty good to go. I’ve even installed some upgrades to it lately. Extra RAM, USB 2.0/Firewire card, and USB wireless adapter. It’s a decent machine. Of course it comes with 17" monitor, speakers, keyboard, and laser mouse.

1 scanner/printer – Lexmark x73. It needs cartridges, but other than that, it’s good to go.

2 external hard drive cases – One for SATA, one for IDE. I’ve never really gotten to use either.

1 5.1 stereo receiver – Onkyo 301. It’s awesome, I just outgrew it.

1 wireless router – SMC Barricade g. Worked great before we moved and I had to use what Verizon gave us.

1 pretty new, but extremely old photo scanner from Polaroid. Bought it for $17 at Ritz Camera a little while ago, and had a hell of a time finding a driver for Windows XP. I found the driver, but now I can’t use it because it’s got a parallel connection, and the new iMac definitely doesn’t have one of those.

1 DirecTV TiVo receiver. Was awesome, but as is well chronicled here, I can’t get DirecTV anymore, so that has to go.

So if you know anyone, send them my way. I’m anxious to get the new scanner. There will also be an eMac available at some point. If you don’t see anything on this list, just ask. I probably have two of them. So buy my shit because I always need money to buy something new.

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