It’s a good thing we got a new computer because the Dell died today. It’s also a good thing that we’ve moved just about all the files that we needed because it was the hard drive that went. There might have been a few things that got lost — but the vast majority of it got saved. The new Mac is pretty awesome by the way. There have been several kinks in the setup, but it’s nothing that we can’t live with. Now, we really have no choice.

However, in my hurry to get out of work (more on that later), I forgot to bring home some software that I needed that did get lost. It will just have to wait until Monday when I’m back in the office. I think I can hold out until then.

I was in a hurry because today was Bridget’s first day at daycare. She’s going to a nice home daycare just 5 minutes from the house. Today, she had the full attention of Mrs. Marie. It was a little bit nutso trying to get out of the house this morning. Of course I couldn’t bring myself to get up at 5:20am, and slept in just a little (5:40. Woo Hoo!). Then the milk for her bottles wasn’t totally defrosted and so we were late getting showers. And of course it was pouring down rain and it was the first day of school for all the neighborhood kids. But we made it. If a little late. That meant leaving work a little earlier than normal to make sure that we picked Bridget up at the right time. We ended up being a little bit early, but that’s better than being a little bit late.

She did well, it seems, and so did I. I got a little teary as we were pulling away in the morning, but earlier everything had been so rushed that I didn’t have too much time to think about it. I ended up feeling a little guilty that I didn’t feel terrible and guilty about it. How messed up is that?

Now, we just need her to fall asleep for the night. She’s a little overtired and fighting us ever so slightly. It’ll be my shift again soon.

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