last class

There was a survey at the end of class last night. I felt bad about my ratings. Mostly 2’s and 3’s on a 1 – 5 scale with 1 being bad and 5 being good. I even dreamt about feeling bad last night.

They were simple questions really: was it what I expected (mostly), would I recommend it (nope), was the teacher organized (absolutely not), teaching method effective (not all the time) and so on. I felt bad because I’m not always the most organized person but then I thought to myself, I wasn’t teaching the class so what the hell does that matter? I’m positive Brendan was more brutal than I was.

The awkward thing was that she picked them up before class was really over and so even though they were anonymous, she peaked at them when she picked them up. Plus there were only eight of us in class to begin with. I know I’ll probably never run into this woman again, but part of me feels horrible that I told her she didn’t do such a good job.

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