home stretch

Only 20 days until the official due date, and only eight days left that I’ll actually be in the office (being able to work from home is a wonderful thing). I’m feeling slightly more confident about the whole being a parent thing these days. At least we have a just about complete nursery (pictures later) now. We’re just missing a chair which isn’t the most crucial item.

We had a tour of the hospital yesterday. They’ve got some crazy security measures in place. Not only are we all given id bands, but the baby will get a sensor on her umbilical cord and if an unauthorized person (including me) takes her too close to an elevator or the stairs all sorts of alarms will go off, the elevators will stop working and security will swoop in. It all sounded very impressive and it wasn’t something I had thought about at all.

Tonight is our last childbirth prep class. Thank God. Our teacher is not my favorite person. Brendan likes her even less. She never ever shuts up. And she tells the same stories over and over. We got a syllabus at the start of the class but we haven’t followed it at all, and she’s always going over the scheduled time — by half an hour usually. She’s got some pretty strong opinions about medications and breast feeding and everything. She always says she’s not judging people who decide otherwise, but she is. It’s pretty obvious. At least we’ll be done with it tonight. Maybe there will even be a survey.

So that’s the terribly exciting update.

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