digging out

We didn’t get quite as much snow as some other places a little farther north; we got maybe six inches. Digging out here isn’t so bad, there’s just a little driveway and sidewalk to take care of. Sometime soon, we’ll only have one car to clean off. The garage still has to be organized.

The last time I shoveled a car out was probably college. Chris and I were in our apartment and I was still driving the van, so it must have been junior year. There was a bunch of snow — 8 or 10 inches maybe. Of course, we didn’t have a shovel and for some reason I had to get my car out. The guys that lived next door had dug their cars out, so I went over there to ask if they had a shovel. The guy says no, but let me get you what I used. And he brought me back a hubcap. Yeah, no, that wasn’t going to work. He was a nice guy though and since he was going to do laundry, he bought us a shovel. (I think it’s the one that we currently have. I think. I could be wrong.)

The other thing I loved the most about that year was how creative people were about protecting their parking spots. If they had parked on the street and spent the time shoveling out their space, before they left, they’d put something in its place to hold it until they got back. Farther down the street where there were rowhouses, the rules were clearer but still people would put lawn chairs in their spot. Near our apartment people put out ironing boards and art easels.

Now, Brendan is totally jealous of the guy across the street — he has a snowblower. Of course, this is only the second time this year he’s had to shovel anything. Hopefully there won’t be too many more.

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