attention employees

Brendan and I went browsing for umbrella strollers, a crib and a high chair last night. Since we have a strict one hand operation rule now, we’re much pickier about what we need. The Babies R Us near our house has a great selection so that’s where we go, but everytime we leave I’m this close to hurting someone. Who? The trying to be helpful employee who asks us "Do you guys need any help?" We say no, we’re just looking. We need to physically try things out. About every 10 minutes for a good 45 minutes this girl comes back asking "Are you still OK?" Um yeah. Now shoo! Maybe she’s new or needs to make extra commission this month. Whatever. Leave the pregnant lady alone. I still have one good punching arm. I know, I know, she’s trying to be helpful, but she’s the only one in the store who doesn’t get that we’ll let her know if we need something after the initial offer has been made.

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