happy 2006

I barely made it to 9:30 on New Year’s Eve. We spent the afternoon at the Carnegie museum*. The walking on top of a four hour drive, plus a fancy-ish dinner up the incline had me totally worn out. We had thought about going out for some of the First Night festivities, but it was raining so that was pretty much out. Brendan hung out with me in the room until I fell asleep, then rang in the New Year at the hotel bar. This does not bother me one little bit. New Year’s is not high on my list of must-celebrate holidays. Honestly, I’d rather be asleep than in a smoky bar surrounded by intoxicated people (especially when I’m not one of them). Brendan makes friends where ever we go, so he didn’t need me.

I rung in the new year with a visit to the medics at Heinz field. Yep, I almost totally ruined the whole game for my husband. Not thinking about it, I reached down to get something from under my seat, and as I was there, I thought: oh shit, I should have used my other arm. Then bam, my shoulder was no longer in the socket. You have to understand, we had 2nd row seats on the 30 yard line right behind the Steelers’ bench. It was likely the Bus’s last home game and Brendan had been looking forward to it since the summer. He handled it well, though. We almost got my shoulder back in ourselves, but it wasn’t quite there. Fortunately, the doctor at the stadium was able to reduce it easily and we only missed the introductions. Bren wouldn’t have let me, but I was going to try and insist that he stay for the game if I had needed to go to the hospital. The arm is staying in the sling for a while. No more forgetting. There’s nothing that can be done until after I have the baby anyway.

The football game itself was a whole lot of fun. I’ve never been to an NFL game before, so being that close to the action might have spoiled me a little. I have no desire to be up in the nosebleed sections. The fact that the Steelers kicked butt, and they had a nice little tribute to Jerome at the end helped out a lot, too.

*Their famous dinosaurs are in Hoboken, NJ being cleaned!

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