I am typing this with just my left hand; I dislocated my shoulder. Again. I was coming down the stairs with yet more laundry, and I slipped on one of the last few steps. As I reached back for the banister, it went out. Since I had surgery 2 years ago to stop the frequent dislocation, I haven’t really had any problems. Guess my luck ran out.

Fortunately, the hospital is only 5 minutes away. They got me into triage and then a bed really quick. Normally, they want to do xrays before and after they reduce the shoulder, but since I’m pregnant (I fell straight on my ass, btw, the uterus is fine. No pain.), they just went ahead and put the shoulder back. No pain medication or anything, they just slowly lifted it and rotated me back.

So now I’m in a sling, and just directing dinner. Good times.

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