DirecTV, Football, and Stereos

As Jess mentioned, there is no hope for DirecTV in the new house.

This upsets me.


Damn trees. This is the type of thing that I should have thought about prior to buying the house. It just never occured to me to look at which way was south or southwest.

So right now we have nothing but over the air TV. It’s like living in the stone age. I have all of this beautiful equipment, and nothing to watch. We’ve been watching a lot of movies. The cable will be installed in a couple of days, so at least I’ll be able to see something. Now, I don’t have anything against cable, it’s just that I’ve become a loyal DirecTV customer over the last few years. Mainly because of the football package so I can watch the Steelers every week. I couldn’t even see them on ESPN last night. We had to go to a bar down the street. Luckily the bar is a member of the Virginia Black and Gold, so there were other Steelers fans there. We left at halftime.

Great game last night, though. The Steelers first team offense was barely on the field because of the defense and special teams play. Even when the Eagles were on their first touchdown drive, most of the Steelers defense were 2nd-stringers. Beautiful.

The season has started, and I’m finally starting to get excited. Without DirecTV, however, I will be missing the preseason game this Saturday (which doesn’t even play on NFL Network until Tuesday anyway), as well as the final game against the Panthers on September 1. I’m even going to miss the other nationally televised game because of vacation.

Glen’s going to have a buddy to watch games with for most of the season. It works out for all but 5 games when the Cowboys and Steelers games coincide.

On the positive side. I’ve got a new home theater/stereo on the way. The receiver was delivered yesterday, and the speakers should be here early next week. I’m eager to see these speakers in action, as the company is pretty new and has developed quite a following. Word is you can really crank them. Jess doesn’t really like movies too loud, so we’ll have to ease her into them.

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