a first

I took my fourteen year-old brother to his first concert last night. We saw Keane & the Killers at Merriweather. It was a good show. Kevin, even smiled, sang along a little and said it was "awesome" which is a lot for a 14 year-old boy. We met up with his friend Zach, and Zach’s big brother. Nothing like hanging out with high schoolers to make me feel old. As everyone always says, the Killers but on a fab show. So much energy. There’s something about 15,000 people jumping and singing along — even if it’s not my favorite song of theirs.

Today, however, I am completely wiped out. I’m at home; we’re getting a new door today. But I couldn’t sleep in, just in case someone wanted to look at the house (they didn’t), and the window guy was also coming early in the morning (but he forgot to order the plastic thingy that holds the mechanism in), but he wasn’t here long.

I just want to take a nap before I have to teach tonight.

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