medium rock

so mike doughty has started to grow up. last night at the show he proclaimed that small rock was dead, and long live medium rock. pretty good. early solo shows were populated mostly with soul coughing tunes, with a few of his own stuff mixed in. with the new album, the soul coughing is sparce (i believe there were only three, maybe four). plus, he put janine in the middle of the set, and no firetruck. trying to break away from the past and move on, i suppose. he did include a great version of "the gambler," though.

of course this is all tough to hear, because i had the "mike doughty backup singer" directly to my right. specifically a gentleman that was singing EVERYTHING way too loud. now, i’m all for rocking when you’re at a show, but please, PLEASE keep it down. i don’t even mind people singing, it’s just that this guy was so f’ing loud i literally had to stand there with my hand over my right ear in order to enjoy the show. it’s just not very courteous to the people around. all he needed to do was keep it down a little bit.

if that wasn’t enough, about 5 songs into the set, the "mike doughty backup dancers" decided to push their way into the middle of the crowd. so i’m trying to enjoy the show, and then a drunk gentleman about 6 inches taller than me stops directly in front of me with his girlfriend leading the way. he proceeds to block my view from every angle when i try to move, and then, to make it worse, they start dancing. i turned to jess and actually called them the mike doughty backup dancers, band i think i said it kind of loud because in a song or two they left again.

but that didn’t stop the guy next to me from singing. at least he didn’t sing during "white lexus" because then we would have had a problem.

it’s always a good show, though, except that we normally don’t get back home until almost 12:30.

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