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This is the time of year when realtors are heavily courting people in our neighborhood. We get postcards with latest sales, little calendars, magnets, flyers… A whole lot of crap. Today, we got one in the mail from a real estate agency which shall remain nameless. I looked at it (the house was our model) and thought, "Only $300,000*? We won’t be using them!"

One house on our cul-de-sac (also our model) without a basement, sold a few weeks ago for $317,250. And one down the street just sold for $350,000! Keep in mind our townhouse is small, and only has 2 bedrooms and one full and one half baths. Nothing special. Not to mention HOA fees. It’s insane.

While it seems like we could make a killing if we sold now, where would we go? To get a single family, in a neighborhood we would want you’ve got to drop three-quarters of a million. Brendan always talks about selling, paying off our student loans, car payments and credit cards, and buying the best trailer we can find and being the envy of the trailer park.

* A little math question for everyone… If we bought our house at a price of $145,000 what is the percent increase if we sold it with the sucky realtors for $300,000? First one with the right answer wins.

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