pain and Punky Brewster

Sunday night I got no sleep. All of a sudden, I was having these intense pains in my abdomen. Not too long after, well, I was as my Dad would say, "Having a conversation with my friend John." I had that conversation about every two hours. Of course, when I was up at 6, I couldn’t resist checking my work email. Without getting into details, I had to go in yesterday for 4 hours. Not fun. The nausea stopped, but the pain had moved to the right side of my abdomen. They were pretty intense. Today, I stayed home and slept until 2, and the pain is much duller. Phew.

I’ve always been terrified of appendicitis. It’s all because of one episode of Punky Brewster. Henry and Punky and everyone were getting ready to go on vacation, and Punky wasn’t feeling well. She was having intense stomach pain, but she didn’t want to say anything because she wanted to go on vacation. Eventually, she passed out from the pain and woke up in the hospital and had her appendix removed. There were a couple times in college when I had a stomach ache where I wondered if it was my appendix. And yesterday, everything I was reading seemed to point to it. Of course, I wondered if it seemed like it because I have always been afraid of it… So I was giving it until today to get better before I went to the doctor.

Right now, I’m satisfied that I’ll live.

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