Maybe you thought I had disappeared; not to worry, I haven’t. We haven’t. I was out of commission early in the week, with an awful stomach virus. A stomach virus so potent, it had it’s own article in the Post this week.

If you’re still eating breakfast while you read this, or catching a quick bite for lunch during work, that is good fortune and bad. Looking at life positively, it means you are not suffering from the miserable sickness that is the subject of this story. A couple of paragraphs of description, though, and there’s no guarantee you won’t start feeling queasy.

How else to explain the sledgehammer effect of an affliction with such a grossly apt moniker as "winter vomiting disease"? This highly contagious stomach bug, which mimics many aspects of food poisoning, is a norovirus that hits hardest this time of year.

For 24 to 48 hours, it lays waste to its victims.

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing catch-up at work. (In fact, I’m at work right now, waiting for a simulation to run.)

But the big news is that we added two little members to our family this weekend.

Meet the kittens. They are two little purr-boxes.

She takes a bit,

but he revvs right up. Aren’t they just so cute??

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